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Is a small amount of water coming from the auto exhaust a bad thing?

  Answer   It's normal condensation. That's why you can see your exhaust more in the winter when the air is cold. Just a little side bar fact: people that usually dri (MORE)
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Is laser a good thing or bad thing?

Both! lasers can be used for medicine, eye surgery, treating cancer, space research, and even everyday life. This includes DVD and CD players, and the price scanners at shoppi (MORE)
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What are the good things and bad things about YouTube?

well to start off YouTube is a great place to listen to music watch  funny videos    but things can get quite inappropriate such as nudity        (MORE)
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Is negative a good thing or a bad thing?

Depends on the circumstances. A negative drug or cancer test for instance means that the test isn't showing any signs of cancer or drugs - which is a good thing. OTOH, a negat (MORE)

Are all natural things good and all artificial bad..What determines the goodness or badness of things..Is it possible to come to a consensus of what is good or bad?

First of all, there are many good things that are 'artificial', and many bad things that are 'natural'. For instance, caffeine is natural, but not particularly good for you, w (MORE)

What three things did God do that day that showed the apostles the holy spirit had come?

The three things that God did to show the Holy Spirit had come on the day of Pentecost are: 1. A sound from heaven, like a rushing, mighty wind which filled the whole house wh (MORE)

Is asthma a good thing or bad thing to have?

Asthma can be deadly if not treated properly. You need to be under  a doctor's care.    Asthma is hard, but it can also be a good thing in some ways. It  can help us (MORE)