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Where can you get a badge at ourworld?

  You can get a bronze medal and so on after completing 9 gaming challenges (in each category; strategy, arcade, puzzle, etc.) for a silver haired guy named Caden next to (MORE)

How do you get 16 badges?

I assume you have either Heart Gold or Soul Silver. These are the only Pokémon games that have the ability for your player to get 16 badges. Every other game has 8 badges. If (MORE)
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What do you do after you get the rainbow badge?

If you have the poke flute ( obtained by mr. Fuji after you beat giovanni at the game corner), you can wake snolax left of celadon city to cycling road, which leads to fushia (MORE)
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How do you get the badges of teenbiz3000?

To earn badges you have to accomplish a certain deed and you shall be rewarded Examples: 1. Debater- earn by answering 20 polls 2. Commentator- earn by answering your fi (MORE)
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What are POKEMAN Badges?

Pokemon badges allow you to enter leagues and stuff every league needs 8 badges to enter except orange islands in which you just need four.   EDIT:   in the battle fon (MORE)

How can you get third badge?

It depends on the game version. RED - BLUE - YELLOW You need to first get CUT from the SS. Anne then use cut to cut the bush blocking the path to the gym. Upon entering, you (MORE)

The KGB badge?

  There are , were several different types. Historically one shoud consider the older Czarist IKGB, of which the fictional Dimitri was a member. the IKGB had a number of b (MORE)

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