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Is erykah badu an African?

Im sure she was born in America. She is just an African-American, like most blacks in the U.S.
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What religion erykah badu practices?

i dont think she is "religious"......but based on her lyrics, I know that she follows some of the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths. To add to the above on Eryka B (MORE)
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Who is Erykah Badu dating?

Erykah Badu is an actress and well known singer. As of June 2014,Erykah Badu is dating singer Jay Electronica.
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Erykah badu tattoos?

I've seen Badu with many hennah tattos, but not sure if she has any permenant. Though I do recall once seeing an ankh on herright shoulder (not sure if it was hennah of the re (MORE)
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Erykah badu children father?

Erykah Badu has three children and each one has a different father.Her first child is Seven Sirius Benjamin who was born in 1997. Hisfather is André 3000 of OutKast. He (MORE)
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What country is Erykah Badu from?

Erykah Badu was born Erica Abi Wright in 1971. She was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. Badu is a Grammy award winning artist, known for her R'n'B and soul music.