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Which bag works better paper bag or plastic bag?

Depends, are you trying to decide what you want when you check out at the grocery store or what? If you want something to hold wet stuff like diapers or kitty litter, plastic (MORE)

What bag is stronger plastic grocery bag or paper bag?

Can't really say as it depends on brand and company of the makes, and what materials were used in the plastic(as not all plastic consists of the same things as plastic is a co (MORE)
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Where can you get a bag from?

You can get bags from the traditional brick and mortar stores in malls and trade centers as well as you can buy a bag from online stores and websites. The advantage of an onli (MORE)
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Where do you get your bag?

I usually shop from designer stores and online shops. I love bags. I keep on buying bags every now and then. I love totes and hobos. They are the best. I like checking out bag (MORE)
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What is a skunk-bag?

A term used as a substitute for b****. Usually referring to someone who has wronged or angered you. Common in shows like iCarly and Drake and Josh That woman stole my husband. (MORE)
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Can a duffel bag be a carry on bag?

Of course it can be. Just like any other bags, duffel bag can also be a carry on bag. The only way you can't carry it if it's too heavy for your shoulders might get injured.
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What is the G bag?

a g bag is a Osiris backpack with Two little amps that is on the sides of the g bag witch is attachable and unteachable amps also it has a base so if u have a regular ipod u c (MORE)

Why is the bag red of Skittles bag?

The color red is associated with hunger, and subliminally makes you hungry. This is also used in many movie theaters, where the color red is used in the curtains to try and ha (MORE)