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What is a mors bag?

  Mors bags are bags made from otherwise discarded fabric- curtains, bedcovers, old clothes etc. sewn into useable shopping bags and then distributed free to shoppers.  (MORE)

What is a scum bag?

  A scum bag is a person who usually comes from a troubled background . A person who does things underhandedly, usually for criminal puposes , lest not be caught . Eg: (MORE)

What are eco bags?

Eco friendly bags are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags. Each year billions of plastic bags end up as ugly litter. Eco friendly bags rarely end up as litter. Plas (MORE)

Where are the bag pipes from?

Scotland Addendum: Many places have developed bagpipes independently. The ones we usually hear are Scottish, but there are also pipes of different designs used in Ireland, N (MORE)
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Where do you get your bag?

I usually shop from designer stores and online shops. I love bags. I keep on buying bags every now and then. I love totes and hobos. They are the best. I like checking out bag (MORE)

What is the noun for bag?

The word bag is both a noun and a verb (bag, bags, bagging, bagged). Example uses: Noun: I don't know which bag goes best with this coat. Verb: I will bag the customer's groc (MORE)

Why is the bag red of Skittles bag?

The color red is associated with hunger, and subliminally makes you hungry. This is also used in many movie theaters, where the color red is used in the curtains to try and ha (MORE)

What are contractor bags?

Contractor bags are simply the black plastic bags used for collecting trash, but bigger and stronger as they are used for collecting construction waste materials.
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What is a clamper bag?

A clamper bag comes with some Plasma,LED,LCD tv's that are 40" or bigger it clamps behind the display and holds all the cords together. Just bought a samsung plasma and it cam (MORE)
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What was a possibles bag?

It was a bag in which you carried the various things you might possibly need. Usually they were homemade, not because you couldn't buy one, but because folks liked to custom (MORE)