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What is Baghdad the capital of?

The city of Baghdad is the capitol of Iraq. As of 2014 over 3million people reside in this city and has been an area of war forquite some time.
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Capital of Baghdad?

Baghdad is not a country so it does not have a capital. Baghdad is infact the capital city of the country of Iraq.
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Is Baghdad a state?

Baghdad is unfortunately not a state because, if Asia is a country, and Iraq is a state, then Baghdad could not be one
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What hemisphere is Baghdad in?

if you looking for one hemisphere that it lies on then it would mainly be on the eastern around saudia arabia. but if your looking for to it would be the northern eastern hemi ( Full Answer )
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What time is it in Baghdad?

It is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in Baghdad. If it is 8am in New York, it would be 2pm in Baghdad.
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Why was Baghdad built?

Baghdad was built because the caliph need a place to live i thinkj Baghdad was built because the caliph need a place to live i thinkj
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How is Baghdad like?

not that bad, not like mass media says how bad i is.. but there's a lack of security..there the summer is hot and dry there, the winter is cold and mildly rainy.. it depen ( Full Answer )
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What is the currency in Baghdad?

The Iraqi dinar is the currency of Iraq and Baghdad. To find exchange rates, see the below link.
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Where is Medieval Baghdad?

Baghdad was founded as a new city in 763 at its present location in Iraq.
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What is a religion in Baghdad?

According to information gathered by the CIA, Iraq is 97% Muslim. Of that 97%, the specific numbers of Shia and Sunni Muslims vary according to different reports, but are gene ( Full Answer )