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What are baguettes?

A type of bread and also a type of diamond shape Loaves of bread. They are 2-3 feet long, 2 inches in diameter and very crusty. Delicious but go rock-hard very quickly. Some p (MORE)
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How do you make baguettes?

Ingredients . 1 cup water . 2 1/2 cups bread flour . 1 tablespoon white sugar . 1 teaspoon salt . 1 1/2 teaspoons bread machine yeast . 1 egg yolk . 1 tablespoon wate (MORE)

Are baguettes vegan?

Yes, all French bread is vegan. Well, almost all. Ordinary French bread made in France can contain enzymes and a long list of authorized additives, including E322 (lecithin (MORE)

Who invented the baguette?

Though some experts claim that August Zang (the Austrian who brought the croissant to Paris) also brought the baguette, this is not supported by any period evidence. It is unl (MORE)
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How old is the baguette?

The history on the baguette seems somewhat murky. Best guess islong thin "bread-sticks" like the baguette were first produced inquantity sometime from 1830-1860, and achieved (MORE)

What is a french baguette?

baguette means "stick" (as a branch) Many breads in France get their name by their shape..... une ficelle string une coronne crown ...are names of breads also
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How do you sew a baguette?

You should not sew a baguette. Baguettes are made of bread, whichwill fall apart if you pass a needle and thread through it manytimes. If you insist on trying, I suggest you s (MORE)

What is a baguette diamond?

Diamonds are available in a variety of cuts that exemplify theirbrilliance and clarity. Baguette-cut diamonds bringstraight lines and beautiful shapes to all types of diamon (MORE)