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What do Bahamians eat for Christmas?

Some traditional Bahamian Christmas items are black cake, ginger beer, imported apples, imported grapes, garlic pork, pepper pot, pickled onions and ham. Christmas drinks incl (MORE)
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Is Beyonce Knowles dad bahamian?

yes beyonce Knowles father is a Bahamian was born in freeport,grand Bahama you've noticed tempo the Caribbean channel they only play person's from part of the Caribbean for ex (MORE)
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What Types of foods do bahamians eat?

We eat lots of seafood such as crab shrimp and other sea related animals.we grow our own food also. like:corn berrys broccoli carrots and few other things. Crawfish (local roc (MORE)

How do bahamians live?

We ride dolphins instead of cars and like in grass huts umm... no we live in brick houses, we have hospitals malls etc. its just like any other country just with a lot more be (MORE)

How did the bahamian government regulate wrecking?

The bahamian government regulated wrecking by passing a law. All bahamian boats and men had to be registered if they wanted to take part in wrecking. The first peron to arrive (MORE)

Who were the moors?

Moors is the Spanish name for Islamic people (mostly from northern Africa) who had invaded Spain in the 8th century. They have ruled south-eastern Spain for a few hundred year (MORE)

What do bahamians eat?

we eat ham chicken turkey a lot of American food but we have our own dishes like crab and rice with fried plantains and crack conch and salad, and a drink like switcher ( our (MORE)