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Is Baidu a good investment?

Baidu is the first Chinese search engine to get approval to run a news service. People are comparing it to Google, but I don't think that's quite accurate--it looks more like (MORE)

What does Baidu mean in English?

You can find Baidu's full explanation (in english) of its name at this link: In short, "'Baidu' was inspired by a (MORE)
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How will baidu make money?

Baidu makes money on the P4P (Pay For Placement) platform.Companies that want to appear on a Baidu search will set up anaccount where they bid money to appear higher in the se (MORE)
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What language is the word baidu from?

The word baidu comes from the chinese language and is actually related to the word searching. There is also a chinese business that has taken this word for their name.
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What kind of language is Baidu in?

Baidu is said and pronounced in the Chinese language. Baidu is used most often in the Beijing part of China. This language is not the only dialect used in China.
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