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Is Baja part of Mexico or California or both?

The Baja California peninsula (meaning Lower California) is part of  Mexico and has always been since Mexico's independence in 1821.    Before becoming a state in 1953 (MORE)

What is the capital of Baja California?

The capital of Baja California is Mexicali (32° 40' N, 115° 28' W) Note: Baja California is often mistakenly called Baja California Norte, but there is no such thing. In re (MORE)

Who owns Baja or lower California?

It is owned by Mexico (capital: Mexico City). It is conformed by two Mexican states, named as Baja California (capital: Mexicali) and Baja California Sur (capital: La Paz).
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Did John Wayne have a house in Baja California?

he owned a ranch in durango Mexico with another fellow actor ,two movies were later filmed there.
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Is Baja California in the US or Mexico?

The Baja California Peninsula is part of Mexico. It is also composed by two federal states: Baja California (Capital: Mexicali) and Baja California Sur (Capital: La Paz).
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How was baja California formed?

It was Formed by the Reaction of the Volcanism 600F under the earths surface where the heat and pressure rose all the Lava and formed the Baja California
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What gulf separates Baja California from the rest of Mexico?

The Gulf of California, also known as Sea  of Cortes or Mar de Cortez (as known in Mexico),  is the body of water that separates Baja California Peninsula from  the Mexican (MORE)

What is the northernmost range of the coconut palm in baja California?

There are many coconut palms bearing fruit in the east cape and cabo regions. I also recall seeing coconut palms in Mulege but I don't think they looked very robust and were n (MORE)