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What does a harmonic balancer do?

    It dampens crankshaft vibrations on your main drive pully for the serpentine belt. It's an inner steel wheel bolted to the crankshaft, with a rubber bushing, then (MORE)

What do our ears have to do with balance?

Our ears do more than hear. Our sense of balance is a second function of our inner ears. There are places in the inner ear that have a fluid inside, and as you move your head (MORE)

Why do trial balance balance?

In double entry accounting, every debit has a corresponding and equal credit. Ledger balances result on account of such accounting made. Hence for all entries made total debit (MORE)

Why must a balance sheet balance?

  A balance sheet is an accounting tool used to track assets, liabilities and equity. It must balance because it tracks the wealth of the company. If you start with a valu (MORE)

What is a balance?

  1. A balance is the amount of credit, money, merchandise, that is borrowed by the debtor. The debtor will have a balance owed until the creditor is repaid in full which (MORE)

Why is a balance of payment important and why does it balance?

Given that it reflects all payments and liabilities to foreigners and all payments and obligations received from foreigners, the balance of payments is one of the major indica (MORE)

Balanced diet or balance diet?

In fact, balance is a noun and balanced is an adjective. So the  correct English is "balanced diet."   A balanced diet consists of a healthy combination of foods in all  (MORE)

How do you balance on the skateboard?

well it has to do with balance so if you cant balance off a skateboard than your not going to be able to on one so it kinda takes practice; like me and my friends say skateboa (MORE)