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What are balls?

Balls are a spherical shape that has the diameter of PiR 2 . These spherical object are made in many sizes both by man and by nature. When man made, it is usually a child's pl (MORE)

What is a ball?

Balls are objects typically used in games. They are usually spherical but can be ovoid. In most games using balls, the play of the game follows the state of the ball as it is (MORE)
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What do you do to a ball?

You can kick it, throw it, bounce it, hit it with a racquet or a bat, juggle it and do many other actions with it.
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What is ball?

It's a round shape, spherical object that is used in varioussports, occasions and other miscellaneous activities. Dictionary answer: see also Sphere My answer: a 3D objectw (MORE)
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What is on the ball?

"on the ball - aware of what is going on and quick to respond and take action ( informal )" - Encarta ® World English Dictionary © Basically to be alert and ready (MORE)

What are the balls?

"The balls", can have different meanings. Depending on the context,it could have very different meanings, in a causal or relaxedsituation, "the balls" most likely refers to a (MORE)

How do you bump the ball in volley ball?

A bump is often used to receive a hard serve, or a ball that is too low to pass on above your head, and is one of the basic skills to master in Volleyball. The precision is no (MORE)

How do you rack the balls in eight ball?

The easiest way to rack in 8 ball is by number. Start with the one followed by the nine then the two and ten then three and eleven. When you get to the five and thirteen put t (MORE)
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How to get ball?

There are many ways to get a ball. You can go to a store andpurchase any kind of ball you want. You can also borrow a ball if afriend has an extra one.