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What is the average salary of a ballerina?

  In the corps, it can be as little as 1-3 hundred dollars a week. I heard at ABT the yearly salary is 75 thousand a year. that's probably for the corps. The principle dan (MORE)
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What is the salary of a ballerina?

  when you start out most dancers get from 15 grand to 30 depending on the type of company. however when a ballerina becomes a principal dancer they can earn 100 grand or (MORE)
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What does a ballerina wear?

First of all, ballet dancers wear tights that are the color pink, usually called ballet pink. Also ballet dancers wear a leotard which consists of many different colors. most (MORE)
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Who can be a ballerina?

Easy question... Anyone can dance, if you start ballet before the age of four and have lessons at least 4 times a week, by the time your 12 you should be completing 90 degrees (MORE)

How do you get ballerinas feet?

Ballerinas feet are developed over many years. It is a combination of strength and flexibility that create dancers feet. Both strength and flexibility need to be gained slowly (MORE)
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What are facts about ballerinas?

1) a ballerina is the name given to the princable ballet dancer in the company only. some or given the title of soloist and all the others are just ballet dancers. 2) ballet o (MORE)

What happens in the scary ballerina video?

She is dancing to a lovely song (it's not a scary song, trust me. Its just an opera instrumental). Then she dances her way into her room and all of a sudden her face is at the (MORE)
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What is a ballerina body?

A ballerina body is one that is fit and on a strict diet to maintain a certain weight. An average sized female would be considered a large ballerina
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