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When voting does an incomplete ballot count?

"You are not required to cast a vote in all offices. If you  skip an office, an under-vote will be registered for that office;  however, an under-vote cannot be traced to an (MORE)

What is an Australian ballot?

An "Australian ballot" is also known as a secret ballot, in which  one's vote is cast in a private booth.    a secret ballot provided at public expense (gradpoint)
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What are the Indiana ballot questions?

Members of The Hoosier Property Tax Reform Alliance gathered today in Fort Wayne to talk about Question 1. The group's purpose is to encourage the public to vote yes on the is (MORE)

What do you mark on a federal election ballot?

Write an "X" in the circle beside the name of your chosen candidate The answer to this question depends entirely on the mechanism used for the election. Many places use pap (MORE)
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Who counts the ballots and how do they do it?

  Well it is done by a machine. After you cast your vote you would go put your ballot in a state of the art machine which has a memory card and at closing time they lock i (MORE)
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What does a short ballot mean?

  short ballot    nouna ballot containing only candidates for the most important legislative and executive posts, leaving judicial and lesser administrative posts to (MORE)
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What kind of ballot is secret and private?

The kind of ballot that is considered secret and private is the  secret ballot where voters vote privately and the overall results  announced later publicly.

What are four features of the Australian ballot?

The feature of the Australian ballot is that it is a secret ballot.  The second is that the Australian ballot included the names of the  all partiesÕ candidates. The third (MORE)