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What is ballot fatigue?

Answer . ballot fatigue , also called voter fall-off, or roll-off, which refers to a voter completing only the first part of a ballot . The length, complexity, and manne ( Full Answer )
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What is a secret ballot?

A vote in which each person's choice is secret, but the totaled votes are public.
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What is a ballot system?

An absentee ballot is canidates. absentee ballot for handicapped or those out of town or country electronic ballot voting paper ballot voting system soon [ as there is ( Full Answer )
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What is an absentee ballot?

A ballot marked and mailed in advance by a voter away from the place he/she is registered.
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What does ballot mean?

A ballot is a device used to record votes. Often a paper sheet with holes that can be punched to indicate votes. However can be electronic or other medium as well.
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What is the secret ballot?

Answer: . It allows citizens to vote in private and so avoid being pressured to vote a certain way
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What was The secret ballot?

A secret ballot is a voting method in which a voter's choices in an election or a referendum are confidential. The key aim is to ensure the voter records a sincere choice by f ( Full Answer )
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What is a special ballot?

With a special ballot, an elector can vote by mail or in person at the office of any returning officer.
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What is the origin of ballot?

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