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What is an Australian ballot?

An "Australian ballot" is also known as a secret ballot, in which  one's vote is cast in a private booth.    a secret ballot provided at public expense (gradpoint)
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What are the parts to the Australian ballot?

The four parts of the "Australian Ballot"   1. The ballot paper is printed at public expense.   2. The ballot paper lists all candidates by position, as well as any othe (MORE)
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Who counts the ballots and how do they do it?

  Well it is done by a machine. After you cast your vote you would go put your ballot in a state of the art machine which has a memory card and at closing time they lock i (MORE)

What is the secret ballot?

Answer:   It allows citizens to vote in private and so avoid being pressured to vote a certain way
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What is ballot fatigue?

  Answer   ballot fatigue, also called voter fall-off, or roll-off, which refers to a voter completing only the first part of a ballot. The length, complexity, and ma (MORE)

What does ballot mean?

A ballot is a device used to record votes. Often a paper sheet with holes that can be punched to indicate votes. However can be electronic or other medium as well.