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Is teen ballroom dancing hard?

Haha, is ballroom dancing hard? No, not for teens not for adults and not for children. (I know because I do ballroom dancing. Competitions and stuff) It's really easy and if y (MORE)

How do you feel when dancing ballroom?

The feeling you receive can be very unique to the person/people dancing it. If you are doing it for fun you should feel like you are enjoying it. If you're doing it with you'r (MORE)

Names of ballroom dances?

There are 4 categories in ballroom dancing: International Latin has the samba, cha-cha, rumba, paso doble ,and the jive. American Rhythm has the cha-cha, rumba, east coast sw (MORE)

What is social ballroom dancing?

social ballroom dancing is like classic party dancing like the"slow dancing" or light steps you've learned in lesson with teachers it can be danced by anyone and its not like (MORE)

What costume do you wear for ballroom dancing?

Women wear long dress. Men wear tail coats   It actually depends on the type of dance you're doing, smooth, standard, latin...there are different costumes for everything. I (MORE)
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What kind of dances are there in ballroom?

There are many! They're divided into two categories, smooth and latin. Stylistically they can belong into another 2 categories, American and International. Some examples are (MORE)

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How many different Ballroom dances are there?

International Standard & Latin includes:   Foxtrot   Slow Waltz   Vienesse Waltz   Quickstep   Tango   Jive   Cha Cha Cha   Rhumba   Samba (MORE)