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What does bamboozle mean?

bamboozle means to trick someone . example: I bamboozled a lady in the park today
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What is a bamboozle?

Answer . bamboozle verb To cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation: beguile, betray, bluff, cozen, deceive, delude, double-cross, (MORE)
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How do you use bamboozle in a sentence?

"You do not know how to use the word bamboozle in a sentence.". " the girl bamboozled me into buying the cookies"
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What is an antonym for bamboozle?

An antonym for the word bamboozle is: to be honest, honest, trustworthy, etc. P.S. i hope this will help you! :)
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How do you play bamboozled the game on friends?

To play bamboozled, you have to ask questions to 2 or more people and they have to answer when they get a question correct they get the choice of two of these: wicked wango ca (MORE)
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What are the rules of bamboozle?

You can go to this really cool site to find game rules for tons of games. Here is the website link:.
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What is a sentence for bamboozle?

He is a lifelong conman who managed to bamboozle lonely, wealthy widows out of millions.
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What is a synonym for bamboozle?

To bamboozle someone means to confuse them. A synonym for bamboozle is confuse. Type your answer here...
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How do you play bamboozle in friends?

This game was originally seen in Season 8, Episode 20, The One With the Baby Shower. The original game was very complicated to follow along as an audience. So the producers sw (MORE)