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How do you cook plantain?

  First you have to get a pan and put canola oil in it. Then cut up the plantain and put it in the frying pan. Let cook to 3 to 6 min. When it's finish put a paper towel i (MORE)
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Can you substitute a plantain for a banana in banana bread?

I am about to find out! Personally I've done it a few times. I've never tried it with a green plantain as they are starchy and more like a potato, but I've had great results w (MORE)

Do plantain have seeds?

No they don't have seeds because there is alredy cooked so it can't have seeds oh and my name is Damilola Ogunlana I live in NIgeria

What is a plantain?

A plantain is a fruit similar to a banana, but usually longer, thinner, and less sweet.
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Is plantain seedless?

Yes and no. The plantain and cultivated banana are sterile, their seeds do not develop. You can see where the seeds would be, they are the black dots in the middle of the bana (MORE)

Can plantains be substituted for bananas in banana pudding?

This would only work if they were ripe enough that the skin was  beginning to blacken. Plantains ripen at a different rate as  bananas. While they are still green, they are (MORE)