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What is the definition of oplan banat?

Oplan Banet had to do with the war against illegal drugs and drug  traffickers in the Philippines. It is a specific campaign that  coordinates law enforcement.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Arbaa banat - 2008?

The cast of Arbaa banat - 2008 includes: Fadhel Abbas Ebtisam Abdulla Sameera Abed Ahmed Ajlan Mohammed Ajlan Eptissam Al Ataoui as Eyman Hiba Al Dari as Noora Soad Ali Hamad (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Sukkar banat - 2007?

The cast of Sukkar banat - 2007 includes: Sara Abou Rjayleh as Fille de Christine Daddy Abourlek as Jeune femme devant les toilettes Cinderella Al Hajj as Cliente rousse Daed (MORE)