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Is iron maiden a good band?

Yes Iron Maiden is a good band. Personaly my favorite band. But really it all depends on what your style of music taste is. If you haven't seen one of the Iron Maiden Videos o (MORE)

Is Iron Maiden a Satanic band?

No, Iron Maiden is not satanic at all. Many people draw the conclusion that they are because of the song "The Number of the Beast." However, this song does not promote satanis (MORE)

Who are the members of the band iron maiden?

  There are six current members of the band Iron Maiden. These are: Steve Harris (Bass Guitar), Bruce Dickinson (Vocals), Dave Murray (Lead Guitar), Janick Gers (Lead Guit (MORE)

Why did they call the band iron maiden?

Steve Harris, the band's bass player after watching the movie "The Man in the Iron Mask" was inspired by the torturing device called Iron Maiden which had a connection in the (MORE)

What do Proterozoic-aged red beds and banded iron formations tell us about the Earth's early atmosphere?

Banded iron formations indicate that there were oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor episodes during Earth's early atmosphere. Banded iron formations first appear in the Archean, 3 bil (MORE)

Is iron maiden a progressive metal band?

They mostly consist of only traditional heavy metal or the new wave of british heavy metal. But their 1988 album Seventh son of a Seventh Son is widely considered a progressiv (MORE)
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What are banded iron formations?

Banded iron formations (BIFs) are cherts (a form of quartz - SiO2)  that exhibit an alteration of rust-red and gray bands. The rust-red  bands represent oxygen-rich episodes (MORE)

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