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Is antonio banderas singing in his commercial?

  If you're talking about the cologne commercial, apparently the version of "Sway" is performed by Dean Martin. However, Antonio Banderas has a professional-quality singin (MORE)

Does Stella Banderas speak spanish?

Yes. I live in Málaga and la Gaviota, her father's house there is near mine, and eventhough I speak english, she always insists on speaking in castillian when she is here. He (MORE)

How did Antonio Banderas change the world?

For starters, he opened up Hollywood access to Spanish actors. At the present time he is serving as an ambassador for the Millinium Development Goal campaign, and is using his (MORE)

Who does Antonio Banderas play in Evita?

The character is named "Che", which is smething like Everyman in Argentina and it is a sort of narrator/commentator. Given his criticism of Peronism some have identified him w (MORE)

Is antonio banderas sick?

As of May 2014, Antonio Banderas is not sick at all. It has not  been reported in the past several years that he has suffered from  any sickness.

What does bandera mean in English?

The word 'Bandera' is an Spanish word that is translated as 'flag'  in English language. As it's used in the sentence: 'La Bandera de  Italia is Verde, Blanca y roja' is tra (MORE)
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Are there sharks in the banderas bay?

Yes. Sharks are found in ALL the world's oceans, but, as the saying goes, there are many fish in the sea, so it is normally quite safe to swim in an area in which they have be (MORE)