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Holiday in bandung?

fancy like shoes, at inexpensive price, could be found in cibaduyut area. or, you may found shoes counter at many of factory outlets in bandung. just check-out the outlets (MORE)

Best time to travel to Bandung?

Do you want to travel to Bandung Indonesia? All of the day you can visit to Bandung. The weather quite comfortable to visit. with approximate temperature 18-32 degree Celsius. (MORE)

What are the bandurria chords of halu bandung?

Intro: la ti do- ti re do ti la sol-mi do sol-mi fa mi- re la ti do I. sol mi-re mi- re do- sol la ti do ti la sol- sol fa- mi re re ti re do ti-re sol la mi- sol mi, re m (MORE)
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What is Gadis Bandung famous for?

Gadis Bandung is most famous for his motorcycle acts and accomplishments in off-road motorized biking. He is more famous in other countries outside of the United States.