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Did the Romans go bankrupt?

No, the Romans never went bankrupt.   The emperor Caligula Caligula's exhausted the  state's treasury through political payments for support, generosity  to the poor and (MORE)

When can you go bankrupt?

You can file a petition for bankruptcy if you are "balance-sheet bankrupt"; that is, if your liabilities exceed your assets. Alternatively, you can file a petition if you are (MORE)

How much does it cost to go bankrupt?

Chapter 7: filing fee $299, soon to be $300; two consumer debt related certificates, $50 max for each, plus legal fee ranging from $600 to $1200 or more. Chapter 13: filing (MORE)

How did Walt Disney go bankrupt?

Walt Disney went bankrupt when the rights to his very first character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, were stolen by his manager. Shortly thereafter, Walt was able to create many fe (MORE)

What happens if a country goes bankrupt?

Are you referring to America? Well, infact, a number of things could happen. First of all, bankrupcy is highly unlikely. Especially in todays world. Usually when a country f (MORE)

Is Simmons bankrupt?

Yes they are bankrupt. Serta is buying them. The Simmons corporate office in Atlanta will be closing as well as most of their plants. Serta will likely use some of Simmons pla (MORE)

Can you bankrupt a mortgage?

No, a mortgage is a debt, and can't be bankrupt. Only a debtor can  be bankrupt, i. e., unable to meet obligations as they become due.    If you mean, can you file ban (MORE)