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What is Bankrupt?

It is legally declared of insolvent The simple answer used to be that you were bankrupt if you couldnot pay your bills as they came due.

How do you check if you are bankrupt?

You filed it with the court and have been responding and providing lots of info....except in the rare case you were forced into it by creditors, in which case you' (MORE)

If bankrupt in Australia are you bankrupt in UK?

If you have been declared legally bankrupt in Australia, you may not be permitted to travel overseas at all, or without satisfying a number of conditions imposed by the Federa (MORE)

When can you go bankrupt?

You can file a petition for bankruptcy if you are "balance-sheet bankrupt"; that is, if your liabilities exceed your assets. Alternatively, you can file a petition if you are (MORE)

Is blockbuster bankrupt?

Yes. Blockbuster is bankrupt. And one of these days it will go out of business. Blockbuster was one of America's most famous video rental stores. And now it is having trouble (MORE)