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What is meant by efficiency of a power station?

Generally, the efficiency of (any) power station is energy output/energy input x 100% (to find the percentage). In most cases, energy input is usually greater than energy outp (MORE)

Problem of power station in the rainforest?

THE main type of power station in the rain forest is a hydroelectric one that gets power from the energy made by water (look up hydroelectric power stations to see how they wo (MORE)

What is a nuclear power station?

A nuclear power station is a power plant that uses nuclear fission to heat water that turns turbines to create electricity.
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How does electricity flow from a power station to power station?

There is an important difference between this question and another common question in this category. (How does electricity flow from a power station to your home?) Power sta (MORE)

What are the ways in which power stations can be powered?

Power turbines are driven by steam. Steam can be raised by thermal, nuclear or geothermal processes. Wind and water can also drive a generator. The auxiliaries for a power sta (MORE)
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Why can petrol not be used in power stations?

Typically petrol refers to gasoline. It can be used in power plants using internal combustion engines to turn generators. However, other plants cannot use it due to it's high (MORE)

How do coal power stations work?

Coal burned to generate heat, heat boils water to steam in closed pressure vessel, pressurised steam released into expanding space turbine (gaining motion) and moves across th (MORE)

Where is the world's largest power station?

The world's largest power station is the Three Gorges  Dam hydroelectric generating plant in China. The dam,  which crosses the Yangtze River near the town of Sandouping in (MORE)

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