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What is a banner advertisement?

Banner advertisement are great for advertising at sales, trade shows, conventions, expositions, advertising campaigns, in-shop activities, point-of-sale promotions and a vari (MORE)
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What is Banner in the Sky about?

it is about a boy named Rudi who climbs the dangerous mountain called citadel. It is where his father tried to climb it once but had failed and died on it. so Rudi and his vil (MORE)
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What is a advertising banners?

Advertising banners promote a business, events or political campaigns. its an easy way to catch peoples' attention and draw them to your product.
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What are flash banners?

a banner similar to an advertising clip with flowing animations and transparency may also contain sound and interactive elements
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When is a banner display?

A banner display is used in trade shows to attract potential customers to seek information from particular traders.
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What is the function of a banner?

A printed banner is used to advertise products and services. It can also be used in tradeshows and school events. It attracts people's attention because it is normally large a (MORE)
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What is an interactive banner?

An interactive banner is a digital advertising format. They'redesigned with the intention of fostering user engagement, whichwill generate user interest in the product or bran (MORE)
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Is banner a noun?

Yes, the word banner is a noun , a singular,common, concrete noun; a word for a piece of cloth bearing a mottoor emblem; the flag of a nation, state, or army; a headlinespann (MORE)
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What are vinyl banners?

Vinyl banners are a popular media for outdoor marketing. Their popularity comes from the truth that they are inexpensive, simple to make and reach a large number of prospects (MORE)
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Are all banners web banners?

At there most basic - YES! However, within banner structures arethe following types of banner: -Leaderboard -Skyscraper -Affiliate -Greeting card -Extended network -Half page (MORE)