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Is the Banshee real?

Somebody had a hot rod in the late sixties that was called the Screamin" Demon, which poetically describes the Banshee sound-effect. There was a girl in my neighborhood who fi (MORE)

How fast is banshee?

this machine is for experienced riders. way to fast for novice to intermediate riders, many banshees will average about 65 mph.

What is the temperament of a banshee?

The banshees are believed to have been the guardian spirits of particular old Irish families or clans. Their reputation for wailing comes from the fact that they moaned and sh (MORE)
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How do you fight a banshee?

If in campaign and piloting a gauss or regular warthog turret or a scorpion or a shade turret or any good anti-infantry or anti-air viechle, keep on shooting at it. If there i (MORE)
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What is the legend of the Banshee?

A banshee will shriek and wail as a premonition of a coming death. Traditionally, they were (are) Irish. In Irish folklore, banshees are female spirits who wail to warn of (MORE)
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Where do banshees haunt?

In Irish legend, a banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die. There are particular families who are believed to have banshees attached to them, and whose cries herald th (MORE)

Is a banshee reel?

No, no its not. Its a mythological being made to scare little kids. u cud use it to scar ur children if u want tho try it look at there faces many ppl think its real
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What is the banshee about?

A Banshee is an Irish legend. it is suppose to be a witch or a evil spirit that attacks families and make a death in the family. a banshee screams and makes a death. 2. or (MORE)

Where can you get the banshee car?

you get the banshee car in grand theft auto liberty city stories where you have to go to staunton island and go near the church or phil cassadys fullycocked gun shop and wait (MORE)

What is raging banshees?

"Banshee" (bean sidhe) means "woman of the Shee," the Shee being the Fairy Folk. Strange sounds were sometimes attributed to one of them wailing over a misfortune, frequently (MORE)