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Where do banshees haunt?

In Irish legend, a banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die. There are particular families who are believed to have banshees attached to them, and whose cries herald th (MORE)

Is a banshee faster than a raptor?

in stock form its a close match. usually the raptor will win if you race in the woods. if its in the open the banshee should win. however a banshee with porting and exaust wil (MORE)

What does banshee mean?

Banshee (White Lady of Sorrow, Lady of Death, Irish Death Messenger, Bean Sighe): The banshee in Irish Gælic, is called 'bean sidhe', which means 'supernatural woman'. She is (MORE)

Are banshees monkeys?

It is a Yamaha quad.   Additional Info: A Banshee is not a monkey or any other animal. It is the Anglo term for the Irish folklore about a " female fairy" or "woman of the (MORE)
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What is the banshee about?

A Banshee is an Irish legend. it is suppose to be a witch or a evil spirit that attacks families and make a death in the family. a banshee screams and makes a death. 2. or it (MORE)
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What are the variations of spelling Banshee?

According to the OED, "banshee" is attested as benshibensheabenshieben-shie banshiebanshee These spellings are all phonetic renderings of the Irish "bean sídhe," which is (MORE)
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How can you tell if you are banshee?

Banshees are mythical creatures, make-believe, imaginary beings. You're as likely to be a banshee as a fairy, mermaid or a werewolf.
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