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What does banter mean?

The word banter is used to describe good natured playful teasing.An example used in a sentence would be "Sarah and Mike engaged insome light banter during their first date."

What is bantering?

lively, playful talking. ie. It was difficult to concentrate on reading the assignment because of all the banter. from the room next door.

How is the LG Banter?

The Lg Banter is pretty good! I think it is good for teens who text alot! But really its good for anyone! I wish I had one. I'm so lonely. yes it is verry good it can do (MORE)

How do you use bantering in a sentence?

Bantering on the phone about high school gossip, the teenage girl managed to slander nearly all of the girls in her freshman class. Bantering means chatting in a witty, amus (MORE)

Can banter be bullying?

No, BANTER is not BULLYING. BANTER is playful teasing. -------------- True only if both parties think it is playful, if either party feels threatened, belittled or forced (MORE)