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Are Baptists protestant?

Answer: No No, Baptist are not Protestants. We were never part of the Catholic church, therefore, we could not "protest" the wickedness of the Catholic church and leave it. (MORE)

What do Baptist believe in?

It's a difficult question to answer, because there are many different sects within the Baptist religion, and they don't all believe the exact same thing. But, very generally (MORE)

What is the Baptist connection to John the Baptist?

No connection really, although some Baptist Christians have sought to see a connection. Baptists, as a recognized entity, go back to the early 1600s. They often describe thems (MORE)

Why baptist are called baptist?

The term baptist comes from the practice of re-baptism also known as anabaptist. It is common in many religions to baptize infants to dedicate the family and child to God but (MORE)

Who founded the Baptists?

  There are 2 main philosophies of the origin of the Baptists.   17th Century Reform   The first Baptists as a distinct denomination developed about 1606 in England (MORE)

When do Baptists pray?

Devout baptists take the statement, "Pray without ceasing" literally. It is customary to pray before a meal, when embarking on a trip, when getting ready to study, the Bible e (MORE)

Why is the Baptist church called Baptist?

Here's the problem. John the Baptist's baptism was not the baptism that Jesus and his disciples conferred. They baptized with water and 'in The Spirit'; John the Baptist did n (MORE)

Are southern baptists the same as baptists?

when the term "baptist" is used most people are talking about Southern Baptists. They are the largest protestant group. They are organized as autonomous churches but the missi (MORE)