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What does the name barabbas mean?

I have heard that Barabbas means "son of fathers"- apparently it's what the temple prostitutes named their illegitimate sons. Most interesting is that Jesus was substituted fo (MORE)

Who was Jesus Barabbas?

One view Although written in the Holy Gospels exclusively, -described as "a notorious robber, murderer and insurrectionist" (without evidence, much less proof), He is otherwi (MORE)

Did Pontius Pilate actually offer up a man named Barabbas in place of Jesus or is it a mistranslation?

A:In the crucifixion story, the Jews were asked to choose between Jesus, the Son of the Father, and Barabbas, whose name also means, in Hebrew, Son of the Father. They chose t (MORE)

Is barabbas first name Jesus?

Yeshua is a Hebrew name that is translated into Jesus by the Aramaic language. According to the book of Matthew, Jesus was also Barabbas' first name. The same name is Joshua, (MORE)