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What does the name barabbas mean?

I have heard that Barabbas means "son of fathers"- apparently it's what the temple prostitutes named their illegitimate sons. Most interesting is that Jesus was substituted fo (MORE)

Who was Jesus Barabbas?

One view Although written in the Holy Gospels exclusively, -described as "a notorious robber, murderer and insurrectionist" (without evidence, much less proof), He is otherwi (MORE)

What was Barabbas life like after the death of Jesus?

The article in the link says that Barabbas was a Jewish freedom fighter against the Romans who had been arrested for taking part in an uprising, and that this was why he was p (MORE)

Who did Barabbas kill?

The New Testament does not specifically list who Barabbas killed. It is only mentioned that he was a criminal and murderer freed in exchange for Jesus's arrest.
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Was Barabbas good?

'Barabbas' is not a proper or surname, -it is what this particular man was called.  'Barabbas' is an Aramaic appellation, -the meaning of which is: Bar = Son + Abba = Father (MORE)

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Was one of the thieves on the cross barabbas?

No, Bararabbas was the one that was to be released after the Passover. It was a traditioon that one be set free after the passover. Pilate offered Jesus as the one to be relea (MORE)

Why did the crowd choose to free Barabbas the murderer but wanted Jesus crucified and what does this tell us about human behaviour?

In the crucifixion story, the Jews were asked to choose between Jesus, the Son of the Father, and Barabbas, whose name also means, in Hebrew, Son of the Father. They chose to (MORE)

What was Barabbas in the Bible first name?

The Bible does not mention his first name. Here are the scriptures that mention Barabbas: (Matthew 27:15-26) 15 Now from festival to festival it was the custom of the gov (MORE)

Is barabbas first name Jesus?

Yeshua is a Hebrew name that is translated into Jesus by the Aramaic language. According to the book of Matthew, Jesus was also Barabbas' first name. The same name is Joshua, (MORE)