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What happened to Barabbas?

Barabbas was in prison for committing robbery and murder, but was set free by Pilate, at the demand of the people, instead of Jesus. It was customary for a prisoner of the peo (MORE)
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Who was Barabbas in the movie?

"I killed those soldiers because I had duty to Israel" -Stacy Keach as Barabbas in the Jesus Of Nazareth film He was Jewish man in the Bible who wanted to kill the Roman sold (MORE)

Was Barabbas good?

'Barabbas' is not a proper or surname, -it is what this particular man was called. . 'Barabbas' is an Aramaic appellation, -the meaning of which is: Bar = Son + Abba = Father (MORE)

Who was Barabbas in The Bible?

Opinion According to the gospels, Pontius Pilate offered the mob the option of freeing Barabbas or Jesus, thereby placing the primary responsibility for Jesus' death at th (MORE)

Who did Barabbas kill?

The New Testament does not specifically list who Barabbas killed. It is only mentioned that he was a criminal and murderer freed in exchange for Jesus's arrest.

Where was Barabbas born?

Barabbas was the criminal who was released instead of Jesus, at thetrial in front of Pontius Pilate. The gospels do not say where hewas born, but Jerusalem seems likely. Anoth (MORE)

How was Barabbas released?

A: According to the gospels, Pontius Pilate offered to release one prisoner, either Barabbas or Jesus, for the Passover, believing that the Jews would choose to release Jesu (MORE)

Who is the Bible Barabbas?

it-1 p. 254 Barabbas *** BARABBAS (Bar·ab′bas) [Son of the Father; possibly, Son of the Teacher]. The imprisoned criminal guilty of robbery, sedition, and murder whom (MORE)