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What are the baracks?

the baracks are acually the obamas. Barack Obama is married to Micheal Obama and they have two little girls and a poodle like, black dog.
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Will Barack Barack Obama win?

yes . Obama will win!!! and if u cared about the enviorment and the economy than you would vote for him!!!!!
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Was Barack Barack Obama Jewish?

No, he was never Jewish (although interestingly, in a 2012 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 13% of respondents thought he was!). Mr. Obama was born to a mother who ( Full Answer )
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Is Barack Barack Obama admiring?

If you mean does he admire someone or some thing, then yes, he talks about how he admires his family and his role models and many international and political figures. He admir ( Full Answer )
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Did Barack Barack Obama retire?

No, he did not. Usually, people do not retire until they are in their 60s, and these days, some people work into their 70s. Since Mr. Obama is not anywhere close to retirement ( Full Answer )
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Did Barack Barack Obama immigrate?

For him to be the President of the United States he would have to have been born in the USA. Before Hawaii was a State, it was an Annex of the United States, but he was born a ( Full Answer )
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Is Barack Barack Obama Armenian?

No, his father was born in Kenya (Africa) and his mother was born in Kansas (America). As far as we know, he has no Armenian relatives.
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Is Barack Barack Obama cheap?

No, quite the opposite. He is a very generous supporter of a number of charities, as is his wife Michelle. According to his 2011 tax returns, posted to his official website, " ( Full Answer )
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Who follows Barack Barack Obama?

If you are asking who supports him, his supporters tend to be Democrats, although he also has some independents and moderate Republicans who agree with some of his stands on i ( Full Answer )
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Who defeated Barack Barack Obama?

Interestingly, Barack Obama has won every political contest he has ever entered, except for one. He entered politics in 1996, winning a seat in the Illinois State Senate, wher ( Full Answer )