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Where is Barbara mandrell?

Barbara Mandrell and her husband of 48 years, Ken Dudney, live just outside Nashville. Barbara retired from recording and performing in 1997 and is still active in the communi (MORE)
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Who is Barbara Norton?

Barbara Norton She is a Louisiana State Representitve from Shreveport, La. She recentely allowed her godson rapper Hurricane Chris perform his hit song "Halle Berry shes fi (MORE)
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Who is Barbara Tako?

Barbara Tako is a clutter clearing speaker and author. Her book is "Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life" (O Books, Jan., 2010)

Who is Barbara a glover?

Barbara A. Glover, was born September 1955 to Marion and Lawrence E. Doswell, She is the second child of six children. She was raised in Pentecostal beliefs under Bishop Leo K (MORE)
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Who is Barbara clauser?

A Certified Master Hypnotherapist, a Radio & Television Host writer & Director Of The Barbara Clauser Show which can be seen all over the world on You Tube. Owner of The Hypno (MORE)
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Who is Barbara pallat?

Barbara Pallat is a Burr Ridge Interior Designer. She specializes in interior design for both commercial and residential. She principally serves clients in the Chicago area, b (MORE)
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Who is Barbara trueba?

she is a 8 year old who saved a 12 year old that was drounding