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Who was Barbara Harris?

Barbara Harris is an American actress, born on July 25, 1935. She began her career on Broadway stage and later became a movie star. She stared in the following movies: Dirty R (MORE)

What big ideas did James Hutton contribute to the study of fossils?

He came up with the 'principal of uniformitarianism' which basically means the present is the key to the past, like how plants grew, volcanoes erupted etc is the same as how i (MORE)

Who was Barbara Jordan?

Barbara Jordan (1936-1996), a Democrat, was the first African-American woman to serve in the Texas legislature. She was elected to the Texas senate in 1966, and sponsored or w (MORE)

Does company name E F Hutton still exist?

Not anymore. E. F. Hutton used to be one of the most highly respected brokerages in the world. They now belong to Citigroup. Another answer EF Hutton is an active financial (MORE)
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Who is Barbara Windsor?

Barbara Windsor is a legend of television starring in Carry On films and playing Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders.

Who is Barbara Sonek?

  NewYork native, Barbara Sonek the poet is a licensed art teacher in the New York City area. When she is not teaching, her passion is writing poetry and painting. At pres (MORE)

How would Hutton and Lyell explain the formation of the Grand Canyon?

Both James Hutton and Charles Lyell are considered the fathers of uniformitarianism geology. Hutton's view of uniformity of rate; mountain ranges or grand canyons are built by (MORE)