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What are barbarians?

Answer . 1. A member of a people considered by those of another nation or group to have a primitive civilization. 2. A fierce, brutal or cruel person. 3. An insensitive, u (MORE)

Where did barbarians come from?

Europe and the borders of Asia also [Russia] This link says maybe, but probably otherwise. (MORE)

What did the barbarians do?

They used to seek revenge after warriors kings and generals that killed ancestors that's why they invaded Rome and all those parts of Europe

What is Barbarian?

in the ancient roman Empire, people living along the empire's borders, a person considered by another group to have a primitive culture.

Where are barbarians from?

Barbarian was a word coined by the Greeks to describe non-Hellenic (non-Greek-speaking) peoples. It allegedly came from a saying that they could not understand them - their wo (MORE)

Who was a barbarian to the Romans?

who was a barbarian to the Romans? The answer is : the Visigoths (west goths) and the Ostrogoth (east goth). they were the first to be. hope this help. . What group of (MORE)

How is Charlemagne a barbarian?

There are different definitions of barbarian. One of these is a person who is regarded as culturally inferior; according to this definition, a Roman or Greek might have consid (MORE)

Why were the Barbarians called Barbarians?

By the time of the Romans, the term "barbarian" connoted a group that was primitive or uncivilized according to their standards. However, it originally came from the Greek and (MORE)
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What is horde of barbarians?

a massive group of enraged and psychotic man-like beasts gathered to cause rampage and destruction against another race or civilization