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What does the Tiger Barb eat?

they eat flake food. They also take vegetables like lettuce chopped into tiny peices. They are very easy to keep but can be aggresive to other fish if not kept in groups.
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What do tiger barbs eat?

Omnivores. Flake or pellet is excepted. Also feed frozen or live blackworms and brine shrimp, as well as vegetable based foods, including spirulina based foods.

What was the purpose of barbed wire?

Barbed wire is a type of steel fencing wire with sharp edges. It  was originally invented to restrain cattle. Currently, it is used  as a deterrent for trespassing and unwan (MORE)

Who was the inventor of barbed wire?

Patents for barbed wire fencing and improvements to wire fencing were granted by the U.S. Patent Office, beginning with Michael Kelly in November 1868 and ending with Joseph G (MORE)

What impact did barbed wire have?

The widespread use of barbed wires brought an end to open range grazing, and made possible the settlement of the frontier by small farmers. The wire stopped cattle owners from (MORE)
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Will your goldfish eat your tiger barb?

No it will not. However, if there are 3 or more tiger barbs, then they might get the courage to nip at its fins. And i Highly advise you not to keep tiger barbs with goldfish (MORE)

Do penguins have barbs?

Yes! On their tongue and throat they have them to help swallow slippery fish. These are pointed backwards to help swallow. Since penguins don't have teeth, this is like a repl (MORE)
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What does the cherry barb eat?

Cherry barbs are omnivores which means they will eat very small live animals such as water fleas, blood worms and plant-based foods. If you mean when kept in an aquarium they (MORE)