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Is barber shop spelled as one word or two words?

The term "barber shop" as a business is spelled as two words. When used as an adjective, it is one word "barbershop" (e.g. barbershop quartet)
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Why were the Jonas Brothers in the Barber shop?

the Jonas brothers were in the barbershop when they were referred to a manger they were there with there mom getting haircuts nick of course who cn sing was singing and their (MORE)
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What is better a barber shop or hair salon?

Hair alone because they wash your hair and its relaxing but with  barber hops that just cut, no fun  there...............................................Edit to this  answe (MORE)

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What time does barber shops open?

It depends on when the barber want to open.   At a guess, it could be 9 o'clock. Usually barbers show their  opening times on the door. Or maybe you could phone them?
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