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Is a CD the same as a CD Rom?

  The term "CD" means Compact there really is no product just called a "CD" must be CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW,etc. "CD" means the same thing in all categories. The (MORE)

Do CD-ROM or CD mean the same?

They are totally different. You cannot play a CD-ROM in a CD/DVD player; but, depending on your computer software, you can play a CD on your computer. In other words, a CD-R (MORE)

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is a art form that deals only with clothes and accesories. It has to do with culture, the time period, and social influences. Fashion only consists of two seaso (MORE)

How do you design fashion?

Designing is a purely creative process. In fashion, you take all that creativity and put it in the form of an outfit. You can start by drawing out whatever comes to your mind (MORE)

What does ROM stand for in CD-ROM?

ROM = Read Only Memory. Though a CD-R can be written to, generally, it's only once. Then the CD can only be read and being a form of memory, can be called ROM or CDROM when ap (MORE)

What does a fashion designer do?

A fashion designer designs clothes, basically. Sometimes they combine different styles together, and sometimes they make up entirely new stuff. They also just add accessories (MORE)

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