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Can you paint bare drywall?

Yes. It's recommended that you use an undercoat first before you use the paint colour you're after. You can paint straight on but it will look shabby and peel off easily after (MORE)
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Shall you do pe in bare feet?

I say yes because it stops you from getting stressed and gives you more grip
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What is a synonym for bare?

The synonyms depend on how the word is used in context. The adjective bare (uncovered) can have the synonyms naked, exposed, undressed or unclad. The adjective bare (havin (MORE)
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Is the word barely an adverb?

Yes it is. Practically any word ending in "-ly" is an adverb. I barely finished the race barely= adverb finished= verb
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What is a Bare Dominium?

A bare dominium is a limited real right in a property whose income has been stripped off. For example, A took a bond from B Bank to buy a building. There is a 20-year lease in (MORE)
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What type of adverb is barely?

Barely is an adverb of degree, moreso when it modifies an adjective  (barely visible).
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Is bare an adjective?

Yes, it can be. Examples are "the bare truth" or "the tree was bare of leaves." Bare can also be an adverb, where it functions differently from the adverb "barely." (The g (MORE)