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What is collective bargaining?

a process in which union and company representatives meet tonegotiate a new labor contract What happens in collective bargaining? representatives of unions and companies n ( Full Answer )
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What is bargaining?

Bargaining is another word for negotiating - if you go to a market to purchase some goods and then argue with the shop keeper for a better price, that is bargaining. Bargainin ( Full Answer )
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What is concession bargaining?

The 1980's brought in a new era in negotiated wages and benefits. The changing economy and high unemployment levels caused unions to severely adjust their strategies to save j ( Full Answer )
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What is bargain shopping?

The word bargain comes from the word "bargaining", which means to negotiate the terms of the exchange. Therefore, in its literal sense, bargain shopping denotes shopping throu ( Full Answer )
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What is a bargaining strip?

The phrase you are looking for is bargaining chip, not strip. It could be a piece of information with which you gamble, or a poker chip. ***But if you are sticking with 'ba ( Full Answer )
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What is a bargain is a bargain?

i came across the expression , < a bargain is a bargain > .Could you please help me understand its meaning ? thanks
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What is the definition of a bargain?

In the retail world, a bargain is a product that has been marked down considerably lower than it's original retail price point. The word bargain could also referring to an ag ( Full Answer )
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What is faustian bargain?

Someone who has sacrificed spiritual values for power, knowledge and material gain . A reference to the German astrologer and wizard, Johann Faust, who sold his soul to the de ( Full Answer )
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What is a bargaining chip?

The term "bargaining chip" is used to describe a circumstance that gives a person or entity an advantage over another in negotiations. For example, the payment of a debt quick ( Full Answer )