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What eats barnacles?

Whelks (sea snails), mussels, and some starfish feed on barnacles.Whelks in particular have the ability to grind through thebarnacle's protective shell.

What does barnacles eat?

A barnacle is an ocean animal. A barnacle is not picky in what theyeat. The barnacle will literally eat anything in the ocean that isnear them.

Where do barnacles come from?

Any of a majority of the 1,000 species of the subclass Cirripedia of marine crustaceans that, as adults, are covered with a shell made of hard calcium-containing plates and ar (MORE)

How do barnacles get food?

They 'filter feed'. While they're submerged under water, they have a frill-like 'appendage' that they scoop through the water. This traps the microscopic particles of debris t (MORE)

Where do the barnacles live?

Barnacles live in saltwater oceans, as deep as 2,000 feet. However, there are over 1,200 barnacle species currently known, with about three-fourths of them living in depths of (MORE)

Were do barnacles live?

They attach themselves to solid surfaces from the High Tide mark to a depth of about 60 feet, depending on the depth of light penetration. They feed on phytoplankton, so won't (MORE)
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Can barnacles be pets?

Well... Anything can be a pet. A barnacle is a little odd but yes i suppose so.
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What do barnacles?

Barnacles are a type of sea life that are semi crustacean in natureand typically grow on surfaces underwater such as rocks or thebottoms of boats.