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What to say to Barney?

Barney was a kids show on Cartoonito. But they stopped the show because one of the people who were playing Barney was suffocating in the suit. Barney was played by Carey Stins (MORE)

Is barney real?

Barney is not truly real it's just a man in a costume. Some celebrity's were in Barney like Selena Gomez, Demi Lavoto, and Debby Ryan if you were wondering.    im not sure (MORE)

What stars were on Barney?

The two stars that were on barney are singer and actress Demi Lovato and singer actress Selena Gomez. They are now best friends.
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Why is Barney arrested?

Because this little boy accidentally stepped on Barney's foot and he cussed the boy out then threw a chair and stolls at the boy and the director of Barney and friends called (MORE)

What color is Barney?

Barney is purple and green. The shade changed from the first season, but he's always been purple and green. He is mostly purple with a green tummy and green spots.
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Did Barney die?

Yes and no. - Barney the Scottish Terrier (pet of GW Bush) -- died at the ageof 12 in 2013 - Barney the Purple Dinosaur -- all of the main actors (2 voiceactors) were still al (MORE)

Why did Barney quit?

Barney acctually got fired because he tripped over a wire and said the 'f' word in front of millions of little children all around the world on public television.
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