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Who is Barney Livingston?

  Barney Livingston is a lead character of Erich Segal's famous fiction work 'The Doctors'. The story revolves around Harvard Medical School class of 1962 and has an inter (MORE)

Who made Barney?

Barney and Friends is a show aimed at children. It was created by  Sheryl Leach in 1987. It can be seen on PBS.
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Does Barney have kids?

he has 2 boy and a girl and there names are: barney.jr and sarha

Why did Barney get arrested?

Because that freak was on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!   He aslo got drunk on a live episode and tried to hurt the kids.
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Who voices Barney?

The original voice was done by Bob West. He retired in 2001 and now Dean Wendt does Barney's voice. For sentimental reasons, I liked Bob West's voice much better.
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How do you you get on the Barney show?

you turn into a pathetic little kid and learn to sing and dance like an old man in a fat suit.
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Who is Smith Barney?

Smith Barney is a financial advisor at a well known firm "Morgan Stanley Smith Barney" whom is known for financial advise and wealth management. The company is worldwide and t (MORE)

Who is barneys father?

Jerome Witticker but his mom lied to barney when he was little by telling him he was his uncle. Last time barney saw his dad was when he knocked down the whale in the museum o (MORE)