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Why does the green screen in a movie HAVE to be green?

The majority of the time a green-screen or blue screen is used because those are the colors that there are the least of in a human's skin tone. Using colors that there are les (MORE)
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What makes green diamonds green?

According to Wikipedia, the Dresden Green Diamond, the most famous green diamond, owes its "...unique apple green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials..." (MORE)

Why are the Green Bay Packers Green?

  Answer   Curly Lambeau attended Notre Dame and chose Notre Dame's colors, navy blue and gold, as the colors for the team. Later, Vince Lombardi changed the colors t (MORE)

Is a green card green?

No! The original Permanent Resident Alien Cards were green, and conversationally, the term "Green Card" still means Permanent Resident Status. Now they do have small green s (MORE)

Is a green wing a green dragon or a green stone a plant?

  I know which one is a plant! Green Dragon is! greenstone is a igneous rock, and green wing is a all winning t.v. comedy set in fictional East Hampton Hospital trust
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Is the green lanterns skin green?

Depending on which Green Lantern we are speaking about. If we are talking about Hal Jordan (the most notable and popular Green Lantern), no, he has the skin tone of a white pe (MORE)
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What is green IT?

  Technology hardware has an impact on the environment, be it with energy consumption or use of unfriendly materials (plastic and such) and other implications. Gree IT m (MORE)

What makes green tea green?

The plants that are picked are green. Once they are dried, then added to tea, the water is stained green.
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Why is a Green Card called a Green Card if its not green?

    Why they call it a Green Card.   The first Resident Alien Card (Green Card) had green-stripes on one side and was issued many years ago (1950s). There have be (MORE)
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Why does a green shirt appear green?

Because the pigment in the shirt that makes it Green, absorbs all the other colours of light, but it reflects green. therefore, we see the green.
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