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Why did Samuel siegfried Karl ritter von basch name the sphygmomanometer a sphygmomanometer?

  The reason is the following: sphigmos means pulse in Greek; therefore sphigmomanómeter means the measurement of the pulse; in fact the concept of blood pressure appeare (MORE)

Where is baron von richthofen buried?

  In his family's burial plot in Wiesbaden, Germany. This is his third resting place, first in France after he was killed in action, then to Berlin, and now his final rest (MORE)

Where did Baron Von Drais live?

- Born, grown up and died at Karlsruhe (Baden-Wuerttemberg) - studied at Heidelberg University - lived in Mannheim and Karlsruhe in Germany.
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How did Baron von Steuben die?

Baron von Steuben, the German-born general of the Revolutionary War, died in 1794, of an unknown illness. He was 64.
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What did the barons do?

Barons maintained one or more castles as military strong points. They controlled lands and forests and collected taxes to support their activities. They were subject to the Ki (MORE)