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What are canopic chests?

canopic chests are chests that are used in the process of mummification (in ancient egypt). they contain the internal organs of a mummy. usually there are 4 compartments one w (MORE)

What is a barrel?

A barrel or "drum" is a cylindrical container, which may be made of  wood, metal, or plastic. Typical uses include beer, wine or whiskey  (casks, kegs), fuels, chemicals, dr (MORE)

What is barrel?

A barrel is the part that holds the shot shell or casing that the bullet or BBs go down towards the target. In a Center fire rifle or pistol the barrel has rifling to help sta (MORE)

Why do you do chest compressions with the chest bare?

Exposing the chest gives you several advantages:    It can reveal hidden injuries that you otherwise would have  missed  It facilitates attachment of the AED pads  Ex (MORE)

Where is a chest nut?

The chestnut is located on the inside left and right hind legs of a horse, the chestnut is one of the many toes a horse use to have but later developed a hoof because of there (MORE)