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What is a body of barristers?

It is probably referring to the Inns of Court. In order to be a barrister, one has to be a member of an inn. It provides a mentoring environment where one can learn from sen (MORE)

Can a barrister be sued?

Yes but not because of a decision they made based on their job. They can be sued for something they did outside of their line of work although it will be an uphill battle to (MORE)
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Can barristers be promoted?

they can be recommended to be a QC by the lord chancellor or apply to be considered by Lord Chancellor to become a judge. Both of these require a large amount of time as a pra (MORE)
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Can Sikhs be barristers?

Of course! No matter what religeon you are you have the same rights as anyone else. There is nothing at all in Sikhism that says anything against what you do as a barrister.

What is the opposite of barrister?

A solicitor is not exactly the opposite of a barrister; more of a counterpart. Indeed in most jurisdictions, lawyers are both, although many specialize in court work or office (MORE)
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What are the duties of a Barrister?

A Barrister in general is a lawyer, but the most common law jurisdiction the related tasks of a lawyer are split in two different classes. Usually a Barrister takes more court (MORE)