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What is the difference between a solicitor and a barrister?

From the website of England and Wales The College of Law, website on Jan 2 08: Although a comprehensive knowledge of the law is common to both professions, there are signifi (MORE)

How much do barristers earn hourly?

Barristers CAN earn over a million a year if very successful, meaning about £2500 a day which is over £100 an hour. I'm not sure exactly how much they DO earn in court but t (MORE)

What is the salary of barristers in UK?

  * Typical earnings/receipts for self-employed barristers, before deduction of tax and chambers' charges, range from £25,000 - £150,000 gross within five years of call (MORE)

How much does a barrister earn in Australia?

  Well, it depends, quite frankly. On the one hand, one may be an eminent Queen's Counsel accruing fees of up to AU$4,000,000 for the year; on the other hand, one may be a (MORE)

As an American lawyer how can I become a barrister?

As an American lawyer, there are a few ways you can become a  barrister. For one, you will have to move to England and apply for  a position at a leading law firm. You will (MORE)