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Ikea in Barrie?

There are currently no IKEA stores located in Barrie, Ontario,  Canada. The closest one is located at 1065 Plains Road in East  Burlington, Ontario.
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Who is Kenny barry?

Son to R.B and Concepcion Villacastin Barry. Filipino, American Professional Martial Artist. Dedicating more than 20 years to various martial art disciplines.  (MORE)

What is the setting of flip by martyn bedford?

The setting of the book 'Flip' by Martyn Bedford are two totally  different cities. London, England and Litchbury, England. London as  we all know is in fact a real city, wh (MORE)

How many children does Barry White have?

Barry White had a total of five children. They are Barry White Jr.,  Shaherah White, Darryl White, Nina White, and Melva White.
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Who was Barry Manilow?

He is a singer, songwriter, music producer, entertainer, author and actor who was born in Brooklyn, New York, June 17, 1943. He currently resides in Palm Springs, California.
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Who is Barry Marshall?

Professor Barry Marshall is a medical pioneer whose work transcends all boundaries.   In 2005 Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiol (MORE)

What books did jm barrie write?

Auld Licht Idylls (1888)Better Dead (1888)A Window in Thrums (1889)The Little Minister (1891)Two of Them (1893)Sentimental Tommy, The Story of His Boyhood (1896)Tommy and Griz (MORE)

Who is Barry M Ariko?

64 Years Old Barry M. Ariko retired from Mirapoint, Inc., a mail server appliance company, in November 2007, where he had served as its President and Chief Executive Officer s (MORE)