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Who is Martha Morse?

Martha Gráinne Morse (1782-1862) was Laura Ingalls Wilder's great grandmother, who was Scottish, and lived all her childhood in Scotland. However, she always dreamt of moving (MORE)

Why did Mr Morse invent the Morse Code?

Samuel Morse was a co-developer of the telegraph system. In its infancy, the telegraph was limited to electric and/or electro-magnetic impulses: clicks, so to speak. The Morse (MORE)

What is the Morse Code?

The Morse Code is a coding system using dots and dashes (or short and long pulses) to represent each letter of the alphabet.   It was used with the telegraph as the primary (MORE)
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What is Morse test?

Morse test is done on a 4 stroke multi cylinder engine. The objective is to find the brake power (power available at the crank shaft) of the engine. You can also find torque, (MORE)

Who is Phil Morse?

Phil Morse is an e-marketer from the UK but living in southern Spain. He has previously worked as a journalist and a nightclub promoter/DJ. There is a well-known artist from (MORE)

Who was Samuel Morse?

Before phones, computers, and telegraphs were  invented, messages would take months or even years to reach. Samuel  Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts in April 179 (MORE)

Why is Morse code called Morse code?

Samuel FB Morse devised both the telegraph system and the code. the mode of code- that is dots and dashes was more or less discovered accidentally, the code itself was not. Th (MORE)

Does anyone remember a 1983 Canadian TV show hosted by Barry Morse called Strange But True?

Yes! :) I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time, but I have everlasting memories from that show, including a segment about a man in China with a parasitic twin (I lost sleep o (MORE)