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Who was the wife of Bartolomeu Dias?

The name of the wife of Bartolomeu Dias [c. 1450-May 29, 1500] is unknown, at least outside of Portugal. For information on the identity of the mother of Dias' two sons isn't (MORE)

Facts about bartolomeu dias?

Bartholomew Dias was a nobalman of the portuguese royal  househould,and was the portuguese explorer. He sailed around the  southermost tip of Africa in 1448, the first Europ (MORE)

Why was Bartolomeu Dias important to history?

That he is the first European known to sail around the southern tip of Africa and that he witnessed the discovery of the future Brazil are two reasons why Bartolomeu Dias (c. (MORE)

What was the birthday of Bartolomeu Dias?

That information may be available in an archive in Portugal. But the information that's readily accessible includes neither the birth date nor the home town of Bartolomeu Dias (MORE)