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What is basalt?

basalt underlines more of earth surface than any other rock type . most areas within earth's ocean are under lain basalt . although basalt is much uncommon on continents, lava (MORE)
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What colour is basalt?

Fresh basalt is black or dark grey, however when weathered it can become a brown or brownish green colour.

What is basaltic?

Basaltic is a reference to magma that is destined to become basalt when cooled after eruption, or in reference to a solidified flow, rock, or structure consisting of basalt.
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Is basalt foliated?

Basalt is not foliated. Foliated is a term used to describe the layering seen in metamorphic rocks such as slate and schists.
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Is basalt smooth?

It can be if it takes the form of a type of lava flow calledpahoehoe. However, basalt may also come in the form of jagged a'aflows.
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How permeable is basalt?

Intact, fresh (unweathered) basalt has a very low permeability of around 10 -12 to 10 -15 cm 2 . As such it is generally classified as being impervious.

How valuable is basalt?

It is not a precious or semi-precious stone. It has some value as a building material, and is used as crushed stone for paving highways and making concrete. I pay about $25 pe (MORE)