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What time is Happy Tree Friends on?

It used to come on TV, but parents kept sending in too many complaints that their 5 year old saw it so they had to take it off the air. But now It's on yøutube, so yay!! :)
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Is it possible to be happy and suicidal at the same time?

Yes, but it's more of a psychological disorder that can be treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Sometimes we psychologically link things together, such as sadness and su (MORE)
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What are time zones based on?

Time zones are based on the longitudinal division of the earth into twenty-four sections of 15 degrees each, although geographical and political boundaries bend the borders of (MORE)

What the function of time base in an oscilloscope?

The time base of an oscilloscope is used to increase or decrease  the time per division value on the Y-axis ranging from few tens of  seconds to micro seconds to nanoseconds (MORE)
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How do you set the time on a happy meals watch?

How to adjust the time in the Happy meal watch ( Shrek Donkey watch) I just played around with it and figured it Press the left button twice Then you will see only one u (MORE)