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What does Basel stand for?

The term Basel is not an acronym for anything. Basel is a citylocated in northwestern Switzerland. It is the third largest cityin Switzerland.
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What is the meaning of Basel in Basel Accord. from where the word Basel originated?

The Basel ii framework is the outcome of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's work (of the Bank of International Settlements, BIS) over recent years to secure internat ( Full Answer )
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What is basel III?

basil iii is basel brushes great great grandfather who also stared on cbbc in the early 1870s
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Difference between basel 1 and basel 2?

The main difference is that the Basel I accord mainly focused on capital requirements for banks. The Basel II adds supervision and market discipline to these capital requireme ( Full Answer )
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Difference between basel I and basel II?

Basel I was an international accord to set minimum levels of capital for banks. It was designed to ensure that lenders were sufficiently well capitalized to protect depositors ( Full Answer )
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What is the population of Basel?

its in france, who cares? Answer 2 Basel is in Switzerland. The city proper ("Basel-Stadt") has a population of 170,000. The Basel conurbation has a population of 400,0 ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between Basel II and Basel III?

There is a main difference between Basel II and Basel III. In Basel III, there is a 4.5% capital buffer to absorb shock. With Basel II, there is no capital buffer.
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Where is migros basel?

Migros is one of Switzerland's two big supermarket chains (theother is Coop). There are many Migros branches in Basel. The largest two are atClarastrasse and M-Parc.
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What is Basel framework?

Basel III (or the Third Basel Accord) is a global, voluntaryregulatory framework on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, andmarket liquidity risk. Basel III is intended to s ( Full Answer )