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How does knitted fabric differ from cloth?

The term cloth generally refers to woven fabric that is formed with  a warp and the weft, threads running side to side and up to down.  Knitted fabric is formed by a series (MORE)

What are the properties of purl knit fabric?

If it's purl, it's not knit. If you do all purl stitches you get  exactly the same fabric as all knit stitches, i.e. garter stitch.  This is a rougher looking finish than st (MORE)

Is linen a woven or knitted fabric?

Linen is traditionally and most commonly used to make woven fabrics. However, it is possible to knit using linen and some manufacturers do make knitted fabrics using linen. (MORE)

What is interlock fabric how it is knitted?

Interlock fabric is a variation of rib knit construction. Similar to a Jersey knit except both front and back of the fabric look identical. Double knit construction makes this (MORE)

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What is GSM in knitted fabrics?

  GSM stands for gram per square meter , when we go to purchase knitted fabric its not measured in meters , we always buy this fabric in KG;s , so when we send any quotati (MORE)

Do knitted fabrics fray?

No, knitted fabrics does not fray. That makes them a decentalternative to other fabrics that are prone to fraying like wovenfabrics.
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What are knitted fabrics used for?

Knitted fabrics can be used to make all sorts of things such as dresses hats t.shirts and trousers and much more. Knitted fabric is best when used for items that require som (MORE)
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What is the fault of knit fabric?

Fabric faults are responsible for major defects found by the garment industry, say Saber Ben Abdessalem, Meriam Azeiz, and Sofiene Mokhtari, who also propose a new inspection (MORE)