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What is basic research?

Basic research is also called pure or fundamental research. It is a  kind of researching that has a practical end goal, products in mind  or specific applications because it (MORE)
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Why is basic research done?

Basic research is done to provide a solid foundation of reliable  knowledge. It is a systematic study that helps you learn and  understand the fundamental aspects of a pheno (MORE)

Describe the basic research design issues?

In the basic research design various issues are   involved.  These issues pertinent to   research design relate to where the study will be conducted, the extent of   (MORE)

What are the basic steps of the sociological research process?

1. Selectiong a Topic; 2. Defining the Problem; 3. reviewing the  Literature; 4. Formulation a Hypothesis; 5. Chosing a Research  Method; 6. Collecting the Data; 7. Analyzin (MORE)

What is the difference between applied and basic research?

Basic research is research that is done purely for the sake of  gaining new knowledge in the area. Applied research is research  done with the intent of using the results pr (MORE)

What are the basics of clinical research?

  A clinical research is the scientific term for a test or study of a drug, therapy, surgical procedure, medical device, or of nutrition or behavioral changes in people. T (MORE)

What are the basic concepts of research?

The most fundamental concept of all is discovering things for oneself (or as part of a defined group or team or joint project), evaluating what one discovers and writing up th (MORE)
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